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Автор: travelzoo Категория: Туризъм
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19.07.2010 23:49 - Alanya resorts
Alanya every year a little more developed, is a favorite of local and foreign tourists. Due to the many cities of Antalya and Alanya"s magnificent scenery that is higher than it was watching the most beautiful place, which divides the...
Категория: Туризъм
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  Digging at the foot of the mountains, on the shores of the Bay of Edremit is a natural air conditioning, healing waters of heaven Akзay retired . 
Located on the shores of the Gulf of Edremit Akзay innermost one side Kucukkuyu, Altı...
Категория: Туризъм
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19.07.2010 23:43 - Islands of istanbul pearls
 Emperor Joseph II. Justinian in AD environment 569"da island palace in Istanbul, Marmara island monasteries of such structures built for the Prince formerly known as Island. By the abundance of monasteries, monks retreat to the island w...
Категория: Туризъм
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19.07.2010 23:32 - Eceabat Resort
 Eceabat land of martyrs The second crossing point by ferry to Зanakkale, one of the Eceabat, residential areas, historical value, especially castles, mosques, forts, and daily life with a different image is displayed. Gallipoli peninsul...
Категория: Туризъм
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