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Автор: travelzoo Категория: Туризъм
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Постинги в блога от Юли, 2010 г.
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20.07.2010 01:11 - Hisaronu Resorts
The fish abundant, the sea is clean, red-colored beach, long beach and the sunset painted the bay a kind paradise on earth ... on the one hand the city looking at Marmaris changing the visitors created, shopping, transportation, enter...
Категория: Туризъм
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Последна промяна: 20.07.2010 01:12
Through so many rocks of this paradise beach has three names.Kalebaşı, or Hayıtbьkь Ovabьkь. Mesudiye almond and olive trees in the village is surrounded by nature in the middle. No historic properties. That"s not a lot wa...
Категория: Туризъм
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Последна промяна: 20.07.2010 01:09
20.07.2010 00:34 - Fethiye Resorts
  A place where the sea"s most beautiful vacation paradise for the Fethiye. Oludeniz a long coastline and surrounded by great nature loves to swim, water sports enthusiasts, is an ideal holiday location. Fethiye holiday influx of tourist...
Категория: Туризъм
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20.07.2010 00:28 - Edremit Resorts
  A quaint town of Edremit, Balikesir, Turkey like many other places, visitors on the inherent beauty of nature and influences. 
Brought branches torn from the tomatoes, along with locally produced olive oil, after eating breakfast, you t...
Категория: Туризъм
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20.07.2010 00:23 - Resort of Dalyan
Weir, tectonic origin and about 55 km2, has an area of Koycegiz Lake and the Lake of the sea, connecting the 10 km-long canal, the canal into the sea near where it occurred deltaik region and this in front of the beach from were forme...
Категория: Туризъм
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