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Автор: travelzoo Категория: Туризъм
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Постинги в блога от Септември, 2010 г.
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03.09.2010 00:47 - Partners with Travelocity
 getaroom.com, the online and offline hotel booking business founded by the founders of hotels.com, has partnered with Travelocity.
getaroom.com currently only covers hotels in major markets, including New York, Orlando, Washington, D.C.,...
Категория: Туризъм
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 Some in the travel industry, namely Professional Travel Guide and Star Service Online, among others, advise consumers and travel agents, respectively, to disregard consumer-written hotel reviews like those on TripAdvisor and other revie...
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 I am excited about the tasks at hand, the dialogue we are going to create with our readers, the buzz, the scoops, the posts and our prospects. Among the reasons for my optimism? These lads know what they are doing.
Kevin created a name f...
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 Priceline went from 1,470 followers, before the promotion started on April 23, to some 7,400 followers on April 28, when it ended its $50 hotel-coupon offer.
TheNegotiator tweeted the following on April 23: “Negotiator Challenge! H...
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 Travelzoo scratched out a modest profit for the quarter on a significant revenue increase, which highlights the hunger for deals in the current market.
Bartel noted that Fly.com contributed -- not surprisingly for a fledgling metasearch ...
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